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The Porsche Warrington Team

The Sloane Porsche Warrington Team

Let us introduce you to our staff, show you some of our special vehicle offers and take you through our complete line of new, Certified pre-owned and hand selected used inventory. We can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

We know your time is valuable. We are sure you will find our site a fast and convenient way to research and find a vehicle that's right for you. If we can be of any assistance while visiting us online, send us an email and we will promptly reply. We look forward to serving you!

Robert Sloane

Robert Sloane | Dealer Principal

Favorite Porsche: 356 SC

Phone: 215.343.1600

David Sloane

David Sloane | General Manager

Favorite Porsche: Carrera GT

Phone: 215.343.1600 • Email:

Marc Brenner

Marc Brenner | Sales Manager

Favorite Porsche: 997.1 GT3RS

Phone: 215.372.3288 • Email:

Ivon Brown

Ivon Brown | Service Manager

Favorite Porsche: 993 Turbo S

Phone: 215.372.3259 • Email:

Joe Singer

Joe Singer | Parts Manager

Favorite Porsche: 1974 911 Carrera

Phone: 215.372.3281 • Email:

Albert Cramer

Albert Cramer | Business Manager

Favorite Porsche: Panamera Turbo

Phone: 215.372.3215 • Email:

Joel Casa

Joel Casa | Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador

Favorite Porsche: 911 Targa GTS

Phone: 215.372.3232 • Email:

Charlie Vail

Charlie Vail | Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador

Favorite Porsche: 1994 911 Turbo 3.6

Phone: 215.372.3231 • Email:

Edward Goddard

Edward Goddard | Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador

Favorite Porsche: Macan GTS

Phone: 215.372.3233 • Email:

Michael Kaplan

Michael Kaplan | Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador

Favorite Porsche: 1973 911 S

Phone: 215.372.3221 • Email:

Ashley Lynch

Ashley Lynch | Service Advisor

Favorite Porsche: Panamera Turbo Sport Turismo

Phone: 215.372.3245 • Email:

Caine Lihn

Caine Lihn | Service Advisor

Favorite Porsche: Cayman GT4

Phone: 215.372.3247 • Email:

Albert Lohr

Albert Lohr | Parts Advisor

Favorite Porsche: 944 Turbo S

Phone: 215.372.3282 • Email:

Jack Boden

Jack Boden | Certified Technician

Favorite Porsche: 356 Speedster